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Flamenco, the first shisha tobacco made in Spain

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Spain, traditional bridge between European and African cultures, has its own shisha tobacco: Flamenco.

Made in Madrid, but with Jordanian knowhow, Flamenco is the first tobacco for shisha stamped with Made in Spain, which, for a first step, gives it a huge advantage: the consumers reach the product in the best freshness condition.

Flamenco is made only with the highest quality blond tobaccos from Central Europe, Virginia seed, which leaves have not received the direct impact of the sun, so they are low in nicotine and have the good combustibility that is sought; the taste is important, but an excellent burn is aswell necessary.

In the cutting up process, Flamenco puts the dedication to provide a tobacco in thin flakes to make the combustión easy, and in the removal of all leaf veins or sticks that are synonymous of poor quality.

The result, with the mixture of molasses and natural flavors, is a high quality shisha tobacco, which burns extremely well providing a lot of smoke and fresh and very lasting flavors.

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